Zosi Security Camera Review

With today’s tech it’s much easier than before to control the environment you live in. These days whether you want to protect your home and your loved ones, or keep an eye on a certain area it is much easier than before. Great security cameras are being made that can give you all the protection and security you need. In order to keep intruders out of your cherished place/store the best thing you can do is invest into a security camera.

Security cameras have gone a long way from before. Nowadays you can easily install them, see whats happening remotely and install them without any trouble.

There are plenty of security cameras on the market, but not many are as good as the Zosi Security camera. In this Zosi security camera review we’ll give you all the information you need if you are interested into buying one. After all, a security camera is a must these days. Plus, they aren’t expensive as they used to be.

The Zosi Security Camera can be purchased easily online and have it arrive to your place in no time. But how good is it?

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Durability and design

The ZOSI surveillance systems have really good quality. First of all, they are IP66 weatherproof for indoor and outdoor. They have a glass cover. This means you don’t need to worry about them having problems in a near future after the purchase. Of course, you do need to keep them under some kind of a shelter for optimal durability.

Features of the Zosi Security Camera

They have 720P High Resolution which is pretty good to see if there are any problems with the watched area. It’s advanced image sensor can give incredible detail. These cameras have 3.6mm lens giving that wider angle and 24 pcs Leds which give up to 65ft night vision. With it’s IR Cut Filter, the cameras automatically switch to night vision. The sensors notice when light levels get too low and they start the nightvision.

Many of the cameras nowadays have motion sensors and an alert system. Well, Zosi made sure to have one of the best motion detectors and alert systems on a camera. When the Zosi Security Camera detects motion it will send an alert email and start recording.zosi motion detector


The best part of this camera is having the ability to check on your watched area remotely. This means that with a single app called ZOSI VIEW you can keep an eye on anything that happens.

You can have multiple recording modes. There are 3 types of recording modes:

  • Manual recording – It allows you to record at anytime
  • Scheduled recording – You can set the Zosi Security Camera to record at a specific time/day. If you are in the building working 9 to 5 it might not be needed for the camera to work. This is your very own preference.
  • Motion Detection Recording – This mode records only when motion is detected.

This camera comes with a DVR and it can be set to automatically overwrite stored footage. You can also do a backup of all the videos recorded by transferring them to a memory stick.