Ubiquiti NVR Review

What is the Ubiquiti NVR system?

The Ubiquiti NVR system is capable of managing up to 50 cameras. It has an amazing 500GB Hard Drive. It can detect your cameras automatically with its setup wizard for fast and simple connection. This system has the Intel D2550 Processor and 4GB of Ram and it’s 500GB hard drive is capable of storing recorded videos.

ubiquiti nvr system

It’s software features an advanced user interface with lots of functions. Custom motion detection zones, live view monitoring, disk managment, analytics and email alerts. All of this can be managed from the great UI on the Ubiquiti NVR system. The software allows you live camera feed rotation and you can create a playlist of which live cameras you want to be shown before moving to the next set.

You can set the software to delete unnecessary footage after certain age. This will help you keep your hard disk space free and tidy.

The UI on the Ubiquiti NVR system can be accessed online on any device that has Windows, Android or iOS.

With this system you get the airVision NVR Appliance, a stand, magnetic feet for the unit, a quick started guide and a power cable.

It looks very stylish and high-tech which is exactly what you’d expect from an Ubiquiti product. The stand that comes in the package will allow the system to stand upright. It is a very lightweight product and isn’t too big which means you’ll be able to find a place for it easily.

This NVR system comes with bunch of ports on both sides. This means lots of options for the user.

Ports on one side:

  • 3.5mm Output
  • 3.5mm Input
  • 2x USB 3.0

Ports on the other side:

  • 4x USB
  •  VGA
  •  HDMI
  •  Network
  • Wireless Antenna
  • Power

Is this system worth it’s money?

Absolutely! The ability to be able to connect 50 camers to it is amazing, it looks good and has great features. You couldn’t get anything better for this price tag.