Night Owl Security System Review

When it comes to protecting your loved ones or an area you should always aim for quality. Great video security will help you keep an eye on an area you really cherish. Whether that is an access point in your house or protecting a store you should always invest in a security system.

These days there are plenty of security system available, but there aren’t many that are durable, weatherproof and capable of doing many features a security system needs.

However, the Night Owl Security System offers great protection and has the best features you need in a security system. With all the features this security system offers it can definitely be of great use for your safety.

Kicking off the Night Owl Security System Review

There are plenty of versions of the Night Owl Security system you can choose from. You can choose the amount of cameras you want. Of course, more cameras are always better. However if you are protecting a small area than there’s no need to waste lots of money. Few cameras could help. You can choose how many you want.

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This system provides 1080p High Definition images, it also has a Dual Sensor Technology that alerts you if there’s any motion detected. However, the Night Owl Security system isn’t like the traditional ones. It won’t send you fake alerts like other security systems do. The Night Owl security system and it’s great Dual Sensor Technology with it’s infrared sensors use motion AND heat detection. This means that the Night Owl Security System minimizes the amount of fake alerts you’ll be getting. Less false alerts means less trouble. After all, you want only the REAL threats.

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This security system has a passive infrared sensor that detects heat produced by animals, vehicles and humans. Bugs, rain, lighting will no longer be an issue for you. These system won’t bother you with those. This also means that the Night Owl Security System will save lots of hard disk space.

It also has wide angle cameras that provide 100˚ field of view which is far better than the traditional cameras. This means you’ll get a larger field of view on the area you are protecting.

Using the Night Own Security Cameras

You can use the Night Owl’s 1080p Infrared cameras anywhere. Outdoors or indoors, it doesn’t matter. Rain or shine, it doesn’t matter. This provides you with great security anywhere. However, when putting the cameras outdoors do keep in mind that you should install them under some kind of a cover.

The CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) on the Night Owl’s security system gives you a hardwired connection. What does this mean? While wireless might sound cool, the Night Owl won’t have any delays or problems with it’s cables. We don’t say wireless cameras are trash. But they might cause problems sometimes.

Also, this system does not require an internet connection for viewing your videos. You can easily view everything that was recorded on a TV quite simple.

Remote viewing from anywhere!

You want remote access to your cameras? No problem. You can remotely monitor your area with the Night Owl HD app that comes on both iOS and Android. You’ll be capable to have eyes on your place from any place in the world just by using a Computer, smartphone or a table. After all we all have those these days. You can even zoom to your images remotely!

This security system can also record only when it is needed. This means you can receive an alert/notification only when it’s necessary thus not waste any hard disk space.