Security Cameras Comparison Chart

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Sannce 8CH 720P Sannce 960P PoE NVR NIGHT OWL C-841-A10 8 Channel 1080P

Our Overall Rating: 85.% 89% 95.5%
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Channels 8CH 1080N DVR 4CH 960P NVR 8 Channel Smart HD
Hard Disk Not included 1 TB 1 TB
Cameras 4x wired bullet cameras 4x 960P IP Network Cameras 4x 1080p HD Cameras

A security camera may be very handy many times, whether you want to protect your home or a store you have. Having a security camera can save you from a lot of trouble many times. Good security cameras help you keep in touch with what happens when you are not around. The reason why security cameras are a must is because if you have any intruders you’ll know and you’ll be able to find them most of the times. Finding intruders or robbers is not any easy task, however a security camera such as the Sannce camera can work like magic most of the times. It will provide you with evidence that someone has entered your building and give additional clues to the police. In this sannce camera review we’ll examine the pros and cons of it and how to make the best use of the sannce camera.

Sannce Security Camera

When it comes to security cameras this one has pretty much anything you’ll need. The sannce camera is a 720P HD Wi-Fi camera. It helps you capture good quality and reliable videos. This camera keeps an eye on what you want so you don’t need to worry. This sannce smart Wi-Fi security camera can be set without any additional internet cables considering it works on Wi-Fi, something everyone has these days. You just need to use the free API that comes with it to set up everything and start spying.

Sannce CCTV review

How to set-up the smart Sannce camera?

You can easily set-up this camera by starting the app on your device. The app comes on Android and iPhone so you don’t have to go to any additional trouble.

Start the App -> One key to add -> Input Wi-Fi username and password and you can start live viewing. As simple as that.

If there’s a suspicous movement in the area you are watching the sannce camera can let you know. An alarm on your mobile or email alarm with images will be sent and you’ll know exactly what happened in that area. This means that if you own a store and an intruder comes in you’ll know it instantly!

Sannce Security Camera Features

The great thing about this camera is that you can even use it on your kids to keep in touch in them. It has a crystal clear two-way audio and lets you communicate both ways. This camera also looks very high-tech, even though you shouldn’t be worried about how your security camera looks. However, it doesn’t hurt to have high-tech design that isn’t too noticable.

In this sannce camera review we’ll also mention that it has an incredible infrared night vision. Even with the lights off there’s no way an intruder or an animal gets in and you don’t know! You can also save videos for later viewing through the 64GB TF card slot.

The lens of the sannce camera can be adjusted from 0 to 360 degrees meaning you dont have to flip the image on your phone.

To finish this Sannce camera review lets take a look at everthing you get when buying this security camera.

  • Lots of space for later viewing
  • Two-way audio
  • Infrared night-vision
  • High-tech design
  • An app for easier controlSannce security camera


We like this security camera a lot and do recommend it to anyone in need of one.


Sannce CCTV Security System review

If you are on a budget and you are looking for a good security system than look no further than the Sannce CCTV.

The Sancce CCTV is running at 960h and isn’t like the traditional TV feeds that are streaming digital video data from IP cameras. Even though this system is cheaper than the traditional one, if you are on a budget than this is the best offer you can get. No one will know the difference and you’ll save a few bucks. The Sannce CCTV kit offers great features and saves a lot of money.

You know whats the greatest thing about this security kit? The fact that you get 1TB of storage. Somehow, Sannce has managed to put it into the DVR while still keeping the price low compared to it’s competitors. What does exactly 1TB of storage mean? It means weeks of survaillance videos without any hidden costs. You don’t need to pay monthly subscriptions for this or pay any other costs. Once you buy it. It works.

In addition to the 1TB of storage, there are four 960h cameras. What does 960h mean? It means that these cameras record up to 960pixels horizontally. This means that these cameras can offer great horizontal resolution but the vertical resolution depends on the Sannce DVR software. However, you won’t any difference we can assure you that.

Sannce DVR Security System

What about the Sannce CCTV picture?

Considering the fact we mentioned earlier that the Sannce CCTV is great on a budget, how good of a picture does it give? Well, you can get great footage without any hassle. These cameras can’t be distinguished from IP cameras and they are weatherproof. Meaning, you can mount them outside without any problems. These cameras eliminate latency and they are capable of delivering realtime feeds with great high-res image.

Every camera of this pack has a cable connection to the DVR unit and you do get about 18 meters of cable you can use. You can also buy extensions which won’t cost a lot.

Is there any customizability?

The cameras can be set to record only when motion is detected. This means that if all you want is protection without surveillance you can have it. Plus, you save a lot of storage. Also, you’ll be able to get instant email from the DVR to know what has happened!

You can also view the videos from far away as there are apps out there that you can use for that purpose. You can get a free app that works great for live viewing. And the app makes remote viewing a breeze making your survaillance accessible from anywhere.

How to use this system?

  • Connect the camera to DVR
  • Connect the DVR to Network
  • Scan QR for mobile app XMeye
  • Scan QR for S/N via APP and Enjoy Live viewing.

Sannce CCTV Security Kit final thoughts

Looking for a great system to protect your store/house for cheap money? Than take a look at the Sannce CCTV Security Kit. It’s great for it’s money and there isn’t much difference between this and the higher-tech and more pricey security kit. With four cameras you can pretty much cover all the access points in your house. Unless you have a really big house.

If you aren’t convinced that the Sannce CCTV is the right option for you, you might want to read our Night Owl Security System review.